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Rec'd Date



If you don't find the car you are looking for, contact us as we have over 1,000 cars at each location.

We can only tell you if a vehicle is in the yard available for parts, not if it has a certain part, option, etc. We do not inventory any parts to keep the cost to you well below our competition.

ID Make Year Model Desc. Date Received
NB4256 Volkswagon 1999 Passat black 4d 11/19/2014
NB4180 Volkswagon 1998 BEETLE white 11/11/2014
NB4008 Volkswagon 1997 JETTA red 10/24/2014
NB3987 Volkswagon 2002 Passat black sw 10/22/2014
NB3929 Volkswagon 1999 Passat silver 10/22/2014
NB3862 Volkswagon 1996 JETTA brown 4d 10/16/2014
NB3857 Volkswagon 2000 Golf green 4d 10/11/2014
NB3797 Volkswagon 2002 Passat green 4d 10/08/2014
NB3752 Volkswagon 1997 JETTA gold 10/01/2014
NB3620 Volkswagon 1969 BEETLE tan 09/18/2014

ID Make Year Model Desc. Date Received
UB4639 Volkswagon 1995 JETTA black 11/20/2014
UB4606 Volkswagon 2000 JETTA black 11/20/2014
UB4533 Volkswagon 2001 JETTA blue 11/14/2014
UB4403 Volkswagon 1998 Passat silver 11/04/2014
UB4384 Volkswagon 1998 Passat silver 11/03/2014
UB4380 Volkswagon 1998 Passat maroon 11/03/2014
UB4101 Volkswagon 1999 Golf silver 10/09/2014
UB4015 Volkswagon 1999 Passat green 10/06/2014
UB3835 Volkswagon 1996 Passat green 09/18/2014
UB3648 Volkswagon 2001 BEETLE green 09/04/2014
UB3630 Volkswagon 2000 JETTA black 09/03/2014