Rec'd Date



If you don't find the car you are looking for, contact us as we have over 1,000 cars at each location.

We can only tell you if a vehicle is in the yard available for parts, not if it has a certain part, option, etc. We do not inventory any parts to keep the cost to you well below our competition.

ID Make Year Model Desc. Date Received
NE2097 Volkswagon 2000 BEETLE green 13 04/29/2016
NE2052 Volkswagon 2002 BEETLE silver "12" 04/27/2016
NE1904 Volkswagon 2003 JETTA black 04/09/2016
NE1811 Volkswagon 1995 Golf red 4d hb 03/31/2016
NE1792 Volkswagon 1996 Golf red 03/30/2016
NE1726 Volkswagon 1998 Cabrio green 03/23/2016

ID Make Year Model Desc. Date Received
UE2320 Volkswagon 1998 JETTA blue 04/28/2016
UE2266 Volkswagon 1999 Passat green 04/23/2016
UE2143 Volkswagon 1999 Passat green 04/14/2016
UE1713 Volkswagon 2003 Passat blue 04/09/2016
UE2016 Volkswagon 2000 JETTA blue 04/01/2016
UE1871 Volkswagon 1999 JETTA III red 03/22/2016
UE1751 Volkswagon 2001 Cabrio black 03/12/2016
UE1699 Volkswagon 1998 Golf silver 03/09/2016
UE1507 Volkswagon 1997 JETTA white 02/19/2016
UE1405 Volkswagon 1995 JETTA maroon 02/11/2016
UE1270 Volkswagon 1997 Golf black 02/02/2016