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Rec'd Date



If you don't find the car you are looking for, contact us as we have over 1,000 cars at each location.

We can only tell you if a vehicle is in the yard available for parts, not if it has a certain part, option, etc. We do not inventory any parts to keep the cost to you well below our competition.

ID Make Year Model Desc. Date Received
NC3106 Volkswagon 1995 Passat red 4d 07/29/2015
NC3062 Volkswagon 1997 Passat gray sw 07/23/2015
NC3041 Volkswagon 2005 JETTA gray 07/21/2015
NC3037 Volkswagon 2001 Passat green 4d 07/21/2015
NC2882 Volkswagon 2002 JETTA blue 07/21/2015
NC3000 Volkswagon 1999 JETTA black 07/17/2015
NC2999 Volkswagon 2000 JETTA black 07/16/2015
NC3002 Volkswagon 2003 Passat silver 07/15/2015
NC2959 Volkswagon 2002 Passat silver 07/15/2015
NC2958 Volkswagon 1999 Passat blue 07/14/2015
NC2971 Volkswagon 2001 Passat white 4d 07/14/2015
NC2700 Volkswagon 1981 Vanagon brown 07/01/2015

ID Make Year Model Desc. Date Received
UC3120 Volkswagon 2003 JETTA 07/20/2015
UC3117 Volkswagon 2003 Passat green 07/17/2015
UC3091 Volkswagon 2000 Passat silver 07/16/2015
UC2861 Volkswagon 2005 Golf silver 06/25/2015
UC2836 Volkswagon 2002 JETTA blue 06/24/2015