While junkyards are notorious for being messy and unfriendly, we choose to aim higher. We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean, well organized and eco-friendly yard and support it with an online search tool to help you find auto parts. Our family’s goal is to provide a safe, fun environment where you and your family can learn about auto repairs and get a great deal on the parts you need to keep your vehicle on the road.


A $2.00 per person cash admission fee will be charged to enter the yard. Prices for parts are listed in the shop and available online. This ensures that you know what the cost will be before you grab your tool and yank our parts. Click here for a price list.


You can’t touch our junk ’til you show us your tools. At U-Pull, you need to bring your own tools and tool box inspection is mandatory. However, we do supply wheelbarrows and engine chain hoists at no charge. Click here for additional rules and policies.

 Vehicle Preparation

We’re committed to being a responsible and eco-friendly auto parts recycler. That’s why gas, oil, antifreeze, batteries, freon and all other fluids are removed before vehicles enter our yard. This ensures that no harmful fluids ever seep into the ground. Vehicles are then processed and placed on wheel stands in the yard.

Where We Pull-R Cars

U-Pull-R-Parts purchases vehicles from many sources, including donation centers, salvage auctions, insurance companies, towing companies and private parties. For information about selling us your vehicle, click here.