Our mission statement says we will provide a safe place for you to pull your own automotive parts.  In order to keep you and our other patrons safe, the following items are NOT allowed in U-Pull-R-Parts.  Help keep others safe.  Please report any unsafe conditions or actions and theft.


Persons under 16 are not allowed in the yard for any reason. Children cannot be left unattended for any reason


Pets are forbidden in the yard, there are too many potential hazards (glass, metal, small loose parts).

Automobile Jacks

Our vehicles are on wheel stands so you can access under the vehicle, jacks are not needed.


Obviously a fire hazard, torches are not allowed in the yard.

Drugs and Alcohol

Working on vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is NOT safe.  U-Pull-R-Parts reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone, in our judgement, is under the influence.

Sandals and open-toed footwear

We strive for a clean yard for pulling parts.  There are items that sometimes end up on the ground, for that reason, suitable footwear must be worn in the yard.

Additional policy items

  • You must arrive 30 minutes prior to close for entrance into the yard.
  • Tool boxes need to be inspected before entering and exiting the yard.
  • Any parts being brought in the yard, need to be marked by a U-Pull-R-Parts employee.
  • WE ACCEPT cash and credit or debit cards for purchases – NO checks.
  • Anyone failing to adhere to our safety policies will be asked to leave.
  • We will prosecute all theft or vandalism.